2018 Here we come!!

2018 is here and with it comes the hopes and dreams for the new year. For many, this means a better job, for others it may mean expanding their family and for others, it may mean moving into the final phase of their life, retirement.  No matter what the situation, healthcare looms large in most Americans lives.  

For many, they believe they have healthcare because they have health insurance. I am sorry to say, this is the farthest thing from the truth there is.  Health insurance is a mechanism for the doctor or hospital to get paid, nothing more, nothing less.  An example is a person with diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure who has a $5000 or $10000 deductible health insurance policy. Yes, they have health insurance but don’t go see their physician to manage their chronic illnesses because they can’t afford the out of pocket costs for their office visits, medication or lab charges.  For most, the $175-200 per office visit alone is a barrier.  However, when you add $300-600 for screening labs, most simply don’t see their primary care physician.  When they finally get ‘sick enough’ to be seen, usually in the emergency room the disease has progressed to the point they have permanent consequences.

The reality is, all of us are paying out of pocket until we hit our deductible so whether you pay a DPC physician a monthly fee or if you pay for each office visit, it is your money.

Contrast the  $175 to $200 office visit plus the $300-600 for labs to a $75 per month (45-64 yrs) membership plus less than $30 for screening labs.  In addition, consider the fact the monthly fee allows you unlimited access to your physician whereas each time you see your physician using your insurance you will pay the $175-200 until your deductible is fulfilled.  The reality is, there is no comparison to your out of pocket costs.

If you have questions about direct primary care, how it can benefit you as an individual or as a small business owner, please stop by our office or give me a call.

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