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Here are the benefits our members enjoy!

Get 85-90% of your healthcare – without interference from insurance.

Included in our membership:

  • 24/7 communication via video, text, phone & email
  • Unlimited office visits, with no additional fee
  • Annual check-ups
  • Wellness exams
  • Rapid strep, influenza and pregnancy testings, urinalysis, and EKGs
  • Mental health services
  • School, sports, and workplace physicals
  • Preventative care
  • Simple sprain and fracture care
  • Women’s health
In addition, we also provide a number of services at a greatly reduced cost compared to traditional primary care clinics, such as:

Curious about our direct primary care (DPC) model? We can’t wait to meet you.

Here’s the bottom line: we won’t bill your insurance company for your care. Instead, you pay a low monthly fee directly to our clinic. Your membership covers most of your basic healthcare needs. Prescriptions, labs or specialty treatments are also available at-cost.

Because we’re not involved with any insurance companies, we eliminate the web of administrative costs that drive up the price of healthcare. And we pass those savings on to you!

Services Included In Membership

Services Member Non-member
Office Visits Free with membership$109
Wellness ExamsFree with membershipN/A
Annual Check-UpsFree with membershipN/A
Rapid Strep, Influenza, Pregnancy Testing, Urinalysis, and EKGsFree with membershipN/A
Mental Health ServicesFree with membershipN/A
School, Sports, & Workplace PhysicalsFree with membershipN/A
Preventative CareFree with membershipN/A
Simple Sprain and Fracture CareFree with membershipN/A
Women's HealthFree with membershipN/A

Service Add-Ons Pricing

Services Member Non-member
Cryotherapy (skin lesions)$10 (up to 10 lesions)$19 per lesion
Dermoscopy/ Skin CheckupIncluded$149
Ganglion Cyst Aspiration$29$209
Laceration Repair (depending on extent)$30 per loop of suture$199-499
Newborn Frenectomy (tongue tie, breastfeeding pain)$29$149
Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRP) First Kit$399$699
PRF (Kits 2-5)$199$349
PRP - Cosmetic Rejuvenation/ Microneedling$499$699
PRP - Joint Injection$499 (up to 4 joints)$699 first joint
PRP - Joint Injection$99 per joint 2-4
PRP (Kits 2-5)$199$349
PRP for Hair Loss$499$699
PRP/PRF for chronic wounds, scar improvement, acne scars, minor burns, scar repigmentation, erectile dysfunction.Cost varies for indication and amount of treatments.
Skin Biopsy-Punch or Shave$39$199
Skin Lesion Removal (size dependent)$39-100$119 - $299
Toenail Resection$40$199
Wet Needling (per region)$50$249

Get quality, affordable healthcare that’s accessible for everyone!