Where the heck are you?

We are excited to finally have Click Family Healthcare open and are looking forward to serving Kearney and the surrounding communities, providing great healthcare utilizing a monthly membership model costing customers less than most monthly cell phone bills.

I want to thank Jessica Stevenson for the news piece she did on NTV.  It is hard to discuss all the benefits of Direct Primary Care in a couple minutes but she did a phenomenal job. We are already having individuals and small business owners reaching out to us.

Janet and I will be at the Gateway Farm Expo Wednesday and Thursday, November 15th and 16th.  Please feel free to stop by our booth to discuss what Direct Primary Care has to offer.  We will be available by phone if you have questions at 308-708-7631.  

Lastly, we want to let people know we are sharing our office space with Fusion Therapy owned by Tess Wortman.  Tess does massage therapy, kinesiology taping and is becoming certified in yoga.  These treatment modalities pair nicely with family medicine and direct primary care.  She is  scheduling appointments and can be reached at 308-708-7636.

We have had many questions about where we are located.  Hopefully the above picture will help explain our location.  If going north on 4th Ave off 39th Street, you will turn west just north of Good Will.  If coming from the north down 4th Ave, go past the north entrance to Eagles Nest Plaza and turn west on the south side of the building.  You can also access the south side of Eagles Nest from 6th Ave.  

Below is a picture of our entry door.

If you have trouble finding us, please give us a call at 308-708-7631.

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