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What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct primary care vs. traditional healthcare – what’s the difference?

Traditional healthcare billing relies on insurance companies as middlemen between the provider and patient. You pay a per-visit copay and a deductible and hopefully your insurance company picks up the rest of your bill (or at least most of it). On the provider side, we’re faced with a complex web of rules and regulations that determine how much we can charge for services and how much the insurance company will agree to pay.

The result? A lot of time and money is spent doing tasks that are totally unrelated to patient care, which drives up costs and leaves less time available for our patients.

Direct primary care (DPC) is different.

In short, we believe that direct primary care is better care. Patients have unrestricted access to physicians, lower health care costs, and a better overall experience when visiting the doctor. Direct primary care creates a direct, real relationship between the patient and provider – the way it should be.

What are the benefits of DPC?

  • Unlimited primary care visits: no per-visit fees or co-pays
  • Quality, personalized care for acute & chronic conditions
  • After-hours access via text, phone, video calls for urgent medical needs – our patients have access 24/7!
  • At-cost tests, labs, medications, imaging, and procedures
  • Same-day or next-day appointments (based on medical need)
  • Little-to-no wait time
  • Extended office visits of an hour or more, or in-and-out lickety-split, depending on your need
  • Complete transparency, as you will know the cost of your lab work, medications, imaging or procedures before the service is provided, allowing you to make an informed decision

Does Click Family Healthcare accept health insurance?

Click Family Healthcare does not participate in any insurance networks or plans.

We feel that access to primary care services shouldn’t be limited by the bureaucracy and expense involved in traditional insurance plans. And because we aren’t contractually obligated by insurance companies to charge certain rates, we’re also able to offer labs, imaging and prescriptions at a much lower cost.

If I become a Click member, do I still need a health insurance plan?

Yes and no. Click Family Healthcare does not replace insurance and encourages everyone to have catastrophic health coverage. There are many options for catastrophic coverage: high deductible health insurance plans, major medical insurance plans, or one of the many healthcare sharing plans (i.e. Sedera, Medishare, Samaritan Ministries, etc.).

Having a catastrophic plan provides a financial safety net should hospitalization or referral to specialists be necessary. Consult your insurance provider or ask us questions (we are not insurance agents but will do our best to answer your questions). And, we are happy to direct you to an insurance agent who can help you choose a plan that works best with our medical model and your specific needs.

Regardless of your situation—whether you have insurance or not—we at Click Family Healthcare will take care of you.

Your health is worth it.
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