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Pain Management

We're committed to finding safe and effective pain management solutions - not just masking symptoms.

Management & Treatment for Chronic Pain

The impacts of chronic pain

Pain is the most common reason for seeking out medical care. Chronic pain affects approximately 20% of the US population to the point of daily or nearly daily pain. Those afflicted report lower quality of life, increase medical costs and decrease ability to work.

Chronic pain has many contributing factors: mechanical or neurological injury, chronic inflammation, psychological, behavioral and social contributors. With so many contributing factors, the treatments vary widely.

Our approach to managing & treating chronic pain conditions

At Click Family Healthcare, we pursue non-opiate forms of pain treatment. We evaluate each patient with a whole-person approach for both diagnosis and treatment of pain. Many therapies we can offer in-office, such as PRP/PRFwet needling, joint injections with ultrasound guidance, prolotherapy and trigger point injections all help to reduce chronic pain.

Your pain management treatment options

Our goal is to provide long-lasting relief from pain and minimize the negative side effects of opiate use. We offer outpatient procedures for common issues that cause chronic pain at greatly reduced prices compared to standard care.

Service Member Non-member Typical (other clinic or hospital)
Cryotherapy (skin lesions) $10 (up to 10 lesions) $19 per lesion $300- $500
Ganglion Cyst Aspiration $29 $209 $450 - $750
Laceration Repair (depending on extent) $30 per loop of suture $199 - 499 $400 - $1000+
Newborn Frenectomy (tongue tie, breastfeeding pain) $29 $149 $500 - $1500
Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) First Kit $399 $699
PRF (Kits 2-5) $199 $349
PRP - Joint Injection $499 (up to 4 joints) $699 first joint $500 - $2000 per injection
PRP - Joint Injection $99 per joint 2-4
Scar Revision (surgical) $99 $199 - $499 $500 - $2000
Skin Lesion Removal (size dependent) $39 - $100 $199 - $299 $279 - $600
Toenail Resection $39 $199 $254 - $479
Wet Needling (per region) $50 $249 $429 - $894

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Other Pain Management Options

We can treat chronic pain with a variety of non-opiate medications to make the pain more manageable while testing for the underlying cause of your chronic pain. In addition, we have relationships with physical therapists, prosthetic and devices providers and a variety of surgical specialists who offer lower cash pricing than most hospitals and outpatient surgical centers.

Freedom from chronic pain is possible!

For a consultation with our providers, please call (308) 708-7631 to schedule an appointment or join our practice and receive primary care services plus treatments for chronic pain at members-only prices!