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Managing personal healthcare is more challenging than ever. Complicated insurance networks, corporate health conglomerates, and packed waiting rooms have removed the personal relationship between a patient and their doctor. At Click Family Healthcare, we want to re-center the patient. For a low monthly membership, your doctor is available to you. Because we forego health insurance bureaucracy and charges, we have the time and ability to provide much more personal care at a much lower cost. No per-visit fees. No nickel-and-dime charges. Basic care services are covered under your membership. We even give you our cell phone number. It's a common sense approach that puts the patient-doctor relationship at the center of everything we do.



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What is a Family Physician?


Family physicians are dedicated to treating the whole person, not just a particular organ or disease. Family medicine physicians provide care for patients of all genders and every age, and are advocates for their patient(s) in our current complex health care system.

Because of their extensive training (12-15000 hours), family physicians are the only medical specialists qualified to treat most ailments and provide comprehensive health care for people of all ages– from newborns to seniors.

Like other medical specialists, family physicians complete a three-year residency program after graduating from medical school. As part of their residency, family physicians participate in integrated inpatient and outpatient learning and receive training in six major medical areas: pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine, psychiatry and neurology, surgery, and community medicine. In addition, they receive instruction in many other areas including geriatrics, pharmacology, emergency medicine, ophthalmology, radiology, orthopedics, otolaryngology, and urology.

Because of their whole-person broad based training, family physicians are able to deliver acute, chronic, and preventive medical care services while providing patients with a patient-centered medical home.

Although family physicians diagnose and treat illnesses, they also provide preventive care, including routine checkups, health-risk assessments, immunizations and screening tests, as well as personalized counseling on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

From heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure, to diabetes, cancer, and asthma, family physicians provide ongoing, personal care for the nation’s most serious health problems often coordinating care with medical sub-specialists in the patients community.

I am happy to say, I am a Family Physician.

John R Jacobsen, MD

John R Jacobsen, MD


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